some like it hot

Some Like It Hot !


Have you ever noticed that people who live in warm climates tend to gravitate to spicy foods ? The Darwinian approach to medicine, shows this is because red-hot seasonings keep people healthy.

Paul Sherman, a professor of neurobiology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York said,”The Darwinian approach to medicine asks, “Why are certain things the way they are”, which is a complement to the approach of asking, “How do things work?”

Sherman’s research revealed that people in warmer regions of the world benefit from eating spicier foods, because spices are natural antimicrobials. Food-borne pathogens and parasites are more prolific in warmer climates, and spices can kill or inhibit their growth.

When people in a country like Thailand, for instance, eat a spicy meal, they are much less likely to spend the next day with a bout of than the “quick-step.”

Sherman seemed to think that people seem to gravitate to things that make them feel better, which catches on with other people. His research showed that people in hot climates learned that spicy food is less likely to make them sick, which caused them to prefer it over the more bland foods.

In areas of the world, where a steak might be left outside overnight might freeze. The cold slows germ growth in the meat, causing the use of spices unnecessary. It’s interesting to note that their dishes tend to be more on the bland side.

There is much more research on how regions of the world have influenced the cuisine in those areas – if you have the interest, it’s definitely worth reading more about !